The [In]Separable is a research on the border between shapes, the thin line that shows us where something ends and the next thing starts. By growing up I discovered the boundaries of life, the difference between the ‘possible’ and the ‘impossible’. Although
I learned how to deal with this the dream of the ‘collective body’ that could give the ability to become one with the other never left me. Where this dream comes from is difficult to say, on one side we have the myths telling us it’s the search for our other half, on the other side the rational thought of reproduction according to the evolution theory.

I searched for the ‘collective bodies’ in the world around me,
the schooling fish showed the benefits from living in a group like
defence against predators and foraging success, which gives the


answer of fulfilling our basic needs. In dance and performance art
we create and express the experience of the physical and mental connection between people. In fine arts and design we find ways to materialize it; objects as being part of a group connect different shapes. The use of one material takes away the border and the framed perspective of a photo can let the viewer perceive the objects as one silhouette. 

What if the ‘separable’ would become ‘inseparable’, is that the answer, the solution? If we take away the space in between objects, the skin between us, will the tension be gone? Visually it could create a new way of seeing the world, a new form language. But in reality growing together with your other half will be the end of everything, of our search, our desire, our longing. 


©pleun van dijk 2017