Until now, designers have been mainly involved in shaping the world around us. Now the mankind becomes easier to understand, analyze and unravel. We see designers intervene more far-reaching in the biomedical processes. We repair what is damaged, replace broken body parts and change our look till it fits our desire. As a result of this we seem to hold the key to perfection and gradually we seem to change into a designed human being. Now that we have become better at deconstructing the 


human, the question is arising if we are also capable of reconstructing ourselves? When we literally will disassemble
the human and present it as a modular system, we are faced with impossible choices. With her graduation project titled “Reborn” Pleun wants to provide a platform for these ethical questions, stimulate reflection and enter into a dialogue with the viewer.
The overall picture gives us the opportunity to anticipate the new developments before they, almost unnoticed, sneak into our lives. 


©pleun van dijk 2018